Sunday, 13 February 2011

Flea Market Finds

This weeks find isn't much right now, but hopefully it soon will be! This little box type frame is going to be used to display jewellery in my stall, so I need to dismantle it, remove the glass and the contents, paint it (I have some snazzy turquoise spray paint) and put it back together! Then it will be ready to go on the wall, I think this one will be for brooches, and I have another which will be perfect for stud earrings and little things. The pretty doily is one that I picked up for 10p, it's very sweet and delicate, I think it will be put in one of my cabinets.
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  1. Good find, will you post another pic once you've upcycled it?

  2. It is nice isn't it?! I will put some pics up when it's done, I am hoping to have a whole wall of interesting displays for my jewellery - I like to keep things fresh in the stall! Thanks for stopping by!


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