Friday, 25 February 2011

Day Out In Norwich

My poor blog has been a little neglected this week, I've been really busy! I visited Norwich yesterday, my hubby had a meeting so I tagged along! I had a fab time, I went to the Castle Museum and Art Gallery, here's some of the highlights...moths and butterflies wrapped in paper envelopesThere was a special gallery for teapots! This was my favourite I think, so pretty!
And this is the Castle Keep; It was amazing!
After I finished walking around the Castle, I went for a walk around the town, I found some fantastic shops, and the street where they filmed some of "Stardust"
I really had a lovely day out, I'm tired out today though! I will be back on Sunday to show off some of my (really quite fab) Flea Market Finds from the week, but for now I'm off to bed, to dream of the crochet bunting I started this morning!

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