Sunday, 13 February 2011


I made this little rose yesterday, it's ever so cute! It's from a pattern in the crochet book I picked up the other day, in the book it was a decoration for a cushion, but I loved the idea of it being a brooch! I wore it for most of the afternoon yesterday in the stall and lots of people commented on how pretty it was, and one lady asked if i could make her a turquiose one! I also got a comission yesterday for a flower brooch, so I'm going to make a couple tomorrow so the lady has a choice.

I had a little crochet session in the stall on Friday, I taught my friend Lowri (who also has a stall in the market) to crochet and she's already "hooked" (excuse the pun, I couldn't resist!!) This is where she's up to so far, I'm always so pleased when I can help people get started on this absolutely addictive craft! I will be running lessons in the stall every week from now on, informal sessions where people can pop in and tell me what they want to try out. I hope I can be back here soon posting more photos of the lovely things that are made!

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