Sunday, 27 February 2011

Crochet a Rainbow Squares - Packed up and Sent off!

I have finished 30 granny squares for Crochet a Rainbow, and I sent them off on Friday! I really hope that they will be of use to people, I'm so glad I could contribute to the efforts for Australian Flood Victims.
I am planning to get started on a new batch soon, but I am crocheting flowers again because I seem to keep selling them so fast - I'm not complaining though!

Flea Market Finds

I had a chance to have a good look around various charity shops this week, in Shrewsbury, Llandudno and Norwich, and I got some lovely stuff;
This fantastic tin was full of buttons, there are some really fab ones! As I was paying for the tin, the nice man in the shop gave me these vintage hair slides because there was a whole plate full of them (I made a donation)...I got this kitschy glass paper-weight in Norwich from Oxfam, it's so pretty and it lives in the cabinet in my stall
And I got these plates to display stock on in the stall, I never seem to have enough display stuff! I like the patterns, they're both really pretty. For more Flea Market Finds pop over to see Sophie Isobel!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Exciting New Toy!

For a few weeks now I've had a fun new toy in my stall...My laser cutter! I wanted to wait until I got it working to blog about it, since it's not all that exciting until it actually does something - but now it's working, so here's what I did on Wednesday;These are my the very first things that my laser cut out! Aren't they so much fun!?! They're only practise things, but I'm jolly excited!
And once I got it cutting, I tried something else - engraving! The ball of wool is etched onto the surface of the plastic, I'm so impressed at what it can do. Now I have to order a bunch of plastic so I can make some pretty jewellery, and do all the commission pieces I've been asked for! I'm sure I'm going to have a fantastic time playing with such an amazing machine!

I also have a new batch of button earrings, with lots of pretty colours!
They seem to be really popular. I'm still so happy when people like what I make, I don't think the novelty will ever wear off!

Shopping List Saturday

Inspired by the teapot gallery in the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery... Teapot Necklace by CuteAbility
Tea Time Tea Pot Cosy by pigandcompany
Louise Cunningham Metro Cafe Vintage Teapots by FamilyFabrics NEW Tea Glorious Tea by lillalotta

Friday, 25 February 2011

Day Out In Norwich

My poor blog has been a little neglected this week, I've been really busy! I visited Norwich yesterday, my hubby had a meeting so I tagged along! I had a fab time, I went to the Castle Museum and Art Gallery, here's some of the highlights...moths and butterflies wrapped in paper envelopesThere was a special gallery for teapots! This was my favourite I think, so pretty!
And this is the Castle Keep; It was amazing!
After I finished walking around the Castle, I went for a walk around the town, I found some fantastic shops, and the street where they filmed some of "Stardust"
I really had a lovely day out, I'm tired out today though! I will be back on Sunday to show off some of my (really quite fab) Flea Market Finds from the week, but for now I'm off to bed, to dream of the crochet bunting I started this morning!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cross-Stitch Finished!

I worked on my cross-stitch for a while last night, so this is what it looked like this morning;and by lunch time I had finished the centre flowers (I didn't work on it continuously, it has to be said, I did a bunch of business paperwork and went for a cup of tea in town)

And now it's finished - I'm really pleased. Now I've just got to dissolve the backing plastic and sew up the purse. I'm going to look for supplies tomorrow so that I can try some other stuff - I'd like to be adding details to some of my clothes and bags and so on.

Shopping List Sunday

I've been thinking lots about scale lately, given that I am (hopefully) going to be laser cutting some jewellery soon. I have been thinking about the statements that are made by very tiny things, and giant over sized stuff, and these thoughts have influenced my shopping list this week...Earrings. Sweet Posy Vintage Glass Japanese Cabochons by Vintette
FOXXY- big bold oversized handmade cocktail ring - 1.75 inch - CERAMIC by StudioLeanne

Mini Notebooks, set of 3 by ShePinTeaHandmade Mega Doily Rug by ladiesandgentlemen

I'm a little bit late with my list this week because I learnt to cross-stitch yesterday and it is quickly becoming my new favourite thing! I am working on the purse from the cover of Cath Kidston's "Stitch!" book at the moment, and it's coming along splendidly, if I do say so myself! I'll be back later with some pics of it, but for now I'm going to go and carry on, I have a pretty pink flower to stitch next!

Friday, 18 February 2011


These are the new crocheted pieces that I've been working on! They're all from patterns I found online, so many thanks to all of the very clever and kind people who have shared! And this is where they live now - the wall of my stall. I have also put up the "Mary Go Round" flower rings from Lola Nova, I love making them! I think these brighten the place up no end, and this is where the frame from last weeks Flea Market Finds will go too when it's finished!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Creative Space

My space this week is actually from yesterday, because today I am crocheting on the sofa - not all that interesting! So this is what I was up to yesterday; putting brooch backs onto the roses that I've been making, and putting together flower brooches for a commission.
I made three variations for the commission brooch so that the lady would have a choice, she asked for brown with tweed-type rusty orange and green. I've done my best to match what she wanted, I hope she likes them!
These are the new rosebud brooches that I've been making, I think they're quite pretty - I really like the red!
For more Creative Spaces pop on over to kootoyoo

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Crochet Links I've found...

I've been mooching around the Internet for crochet patterns, looking for things that might be fun to make as examples of things that can be done with crochet, for the sessions I am running in my stall. I've found some pretty blogs and motifs...

Both of these blogs have a bunch of tutorials, there's some good stuff; (with this one I typed in "motifs" in the search box - otherwise they're a bit hard to find)

And here are some of the single patterns I've found that I really liked;
another hexagon
and another hexagon
and a heart

I hope that these links are useful, I think I'm going to make a bunch tomorrow because I have tonsillitis again and a sofa day might help me to recover.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I made this little rose yesterday, it's ever so cute! It's from a pattern in the crochet book I picked up the other day, in the book it was a decoration for a cushion, but I loved the idea of it being a brooch! I wore it for most of the afternoon yesterday in the stall and lots of people commented on how pretty it was, and one lady asked if i could make her a turquiose one! I also got a comission yesterday for a flower brooch, so I'm going to make a couple tomorrow so the lady has a choice.

I had a little crochet session in the stall on Friday, I taught my friend Lowri (who also has a stall in the market) to crochet and she's already "hooked" (excuse the pun, I couldn't resist!!) This is where she's up to so far, I'm always so pleased when I can help people get started on this absolutely addictive craft! I will be running lessons in the stall every week from now on, informal sessions where people can pop in and tell me what they want to try out. I hope I can be back here soon posting more photos of the lovely things that are made!

Flea Market Finds

This weeks find isn't much right now, but hopefully it soon will be! This little box type frame is going to be used to display jewellery in my stall, so I need to dismantle it, remove the glass and the contents, paint it (I have some snazzy turquoise spray paint) and put it back together! Then it will be ready to go on the wall, I think this one will be for brooches, and I have another which will be perfect for stud earrings and little things. The pretty doily is one that I picked up for 10p, it's very sweet and delicate, I think it will be put in one of my cabinets.
For more Flea Market Finds pop on over to see Sophie Isobel

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Shopping List Saturday

Some of the pretties I've been admiring this week!Fantastic Mr Fox Cushion by kushkush
Never Alone art print by shirae
Tiny cake stand... lilac lace cupcake plate by vesselsandwaresMoth Fabric - teal - half yard by annarubyking


I've been a busy-bee today! I made these hair elastics because I've been having problems finding nice ones - but I just used buttons with loops on the backs. I'm going to try them out tomorrow.
I made put these flowers together this afternoon. I've tried a different way of putting them together from the ones I normally make - these ones are off-centre so the back flower petals show between the front ones. I think they're quite pretty! I also made a rose brooch from a new pattern, but I forgot to get a photograph before it went dark!

And as part of my resolve to finish projects that I've started; this is my finished granny square blanket. I love the colours!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Goodies!

I had a lovely trip into town yesterday, I had look around the shops and just enjoyed the sunny, albeit chilly, day. I didn't have any luck in the charity shops, but I had a voucher for my favourite bookshop, Booka from my parents for my birthday, so I went to have a look in there! I got this lovely Angie Lewin sketchbook, and a crochet book with all kinds of fantastic patterns! I particularly like the spikey scarf, and there's a hood/scarf, some button-up gloves, and a really pretty throw that's made up of stars. Looking forward to trying them out!

Had a really busy day today, which was fantastic!

Monday, 7 February 2011

To Do!

I've been busy with my stall lately, and sometimes I forget that I also have a life outside of work, a habit that I picked up at university. So I decided that I would make a list of some things that I want to do over the next couple of weeks;
Seems pretty straightforward, I think I just have to be more strict with myself about actually taking some time for myself!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Crochet a Rainbow

Up to 30 squares now - These are the most recent ones!
I think I might send these ones on to Sarah London soon, and then start again!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Blythe cuteness!

I got this last night! Eeek! I must say, I'm waaay behind on my Blythe knowledge, and at first I thought the doll was a rip-off of Blythe, but no, it is in fact Blythe!
I have to say, I walked around the shop in a daze!

Shopping List Saturday

There's no particular theme to this weeks Shopping List, just some of the pretty things that I've added to my favourites over the last week! Awesome... limited edition giclee print of an original illustration by helendarik

White wood dweller brooch by sweetbestiary

Pouffe Crochet by lacasadecoto

She believed she could so she did Print by valentinadesign