Monday, 31 January 2011

New Purse!

This was a present from my fabulous little sister, from her recent trip to Cardiff - all I can say is she knows me far too well...
I think Rob Ryan may well be my favourite artist ever!

Fabric Wrap

So, this is what I made with my new fabric and sewing machine! A handy little wrap for my crochet hooks, scissors and bamboo knitting needles. I also have a spare compartment for my machine accessories and a pocket for stitch markers and row counters and so on! The new machine is cute, and works very well.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Crochet a Rainbow

Here are my latest granny squares for Crochet a Rainbow...

As well as enjoying making squares, I'm using up lots of little odds and ends of leftover yarn which is something I have wanted to do for ages, I have a bunch left from when I made my granny square blanket. I really love working with bright colours.

Flea Market Finds

I've not had much time to go shopping this week, but I did pop into my favourite charity shop on the way home last night and I found this gorgeous fabric...I'm really inspired to make some things with it, but I moved my sewing machine into my stall when I opened. So I decided to pick up one of the teeny machines so that I can make things at home, just so when I have an idea I can try it out straight away. This is my new toy...

I'm off to try it out now, fingers crossed!

Pop on over to see Sophie Isobel for more Flea Market Finds!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Shopping List Saturday

This week my list is inspired by some gorgeous vintage fabric that I bought today which is green and white; one of my favourite combinations! Polka Dots and Boating Animals Coin pouch by kaylah

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Busy Day!

I've had a thoroughly productive day today, finished thirteen (I'm not worried, no bad luck allowed!) small yo-yo brooches, and popped them on display on a gorgeous glass cake stand that I picked up from a stall that was outside (a bargain at only £1!). I think they look like little cupcakes, hope no-one gets confused...and I cracked a heart pattern that I'd been working on. I loved the pattern that I tried last week, but I wanted a slightly more defined 'indent', so I think I've sorted it, and I've made a few with some awesome raggy yarn that I had planned to use for Christmas but seemed to suit Valentines day more!In the spirit of making the stall all Valentines-friendly, these are the paper heart garlands that I made last week, inspired by the fabulous Dottie-Angel!
Sorry for the picture quality today, forgot my proper camera so they're from my phone...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Crochet a Rainbow

Here are my first two granny squares for Crochet a Rainbow
I'm hoping to get a bunch more done today, but the time seems to by flying!

Oriel Wrecsam

Ok, it's a bit teeny here, but this is from the Oriel Wrecsam exhibition that I'm featured in! To have a proper look at it, have a look at the original page!

Oriel Wrecsam is a lovely gallery, they've been very supportive and it's nice to be showing work in the town where I studied. The pieces they're showing are from my final year work, featuring found buttons. They're made from silver and linen, embroidered with the co-ordinates of the location where the buttons were found.

Stylish Blogger Award!

I had a very nice comment yesterday from Serendipity Child, she has given me the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks so much, I'm all blushing and thrilled!

It would seem that I have some duties as recipient of said award...

1. Thank and link back to the person to gave me this award,

2. Share 7 things about yourself,

3. Award 15 Bloggers,

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

So, seven things about me

1) I am an obsessive collector of things; I start liking something and that's it, it becomes a manic collecting frenzy. I have over 100 1980's My Little Pony, 21 Blythe dolls, and enough notebooks for about the next 30 years even at the rate that I go through them. I also love art books, Shampoo vinyl (feeling the shame, but they were everything that was right about 90's pop music), hairslides, mary janes, teacups....and so it goes on.

2) I love textiles. It's fairly obvious given what I do for a living these days, but I just love fabric in all shapes and sizes. I love floral prints and polka dots most of all, but generally anything in lovely colours with a fantastic pattern will catch my eye.

3) I love TV shows. My favourite TV show is "Pushing Daisies", but I also love "Bewitched" and "Spaced" and "Friends" and "Frasier" and "Big Bang Theory". At the moment we are working through series four of "Heroes" which is pretty much all we've watched since Christmas.

4) I have always liked to make things. When I was really young we went to the zoo and my mum bought me a plastic hippo, so the next day I made a whole zoo out of cardboard, so my hippo had somewhere to live. I even made him a pool to swim in (it was piece of cardboard with a hole in it and a plastic dairylea tray taped underneath). I also made an aquarium for my stuffed dolphin and a nativity (the angel had a toilet tissue dress and doilies for wings). I have always had a very vivid imagination, and used to ring my dad to ask him to bring home boxes all the time...

5) My favourite band is Hole, and has been since I was about 12 years old. I have very eclectic taste in music; everything from kitsch pop (in an ironic way), through to angry metal. My favorite bands are The Deftones, The Joy Formidable, The Lemonheads, Queen Adreena, My Ruin, The XX, Florence and the Machine, Garbage, Jack Off Jill, Human Waste Project, KT Tunstall, Mumford and Sons, and TheAudience.

6) Music again, but I really love Sia, and I think my favourite song in the world ever is "Breathe Me"

7) I like writing lists, obvious really given that most of the points I've made here involve lists...

So there's some stuff about me that you may not have known before. I hope it wasn't too boring.

The 15 Bloggers that I want to pass the award along to are *drum roll please*

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Sorry if any of you have already been given the award, I've just chosen my favourite blogs, ones that I enjoy reading and am inspired by!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Oswestry Market Website

I've been added to the website for Oswestry Market! Ooooh, I feel all official now!

Flea Market Finds

I've had a couple of fab Flea Market Finds lately, after months of not finding much/not having time to shop. First, this lovely tablecloth, which is very much at home in my multi-coloured stall... I love the colour, and it was only 50p from a charity shop - Bargain!
With the exception of the embroidered linen at the back (which is also a charity shop find), all of these bits came from an auction that my stall-neighbour Bob went to. There was loads more stuff, but these were my favorite things, especially the row counter, because I've never had one before but always kind of wanted one...He was ever so sweet to bring goodies back for me!

For more Flea Market Finds, pop on over and say hello to Sophie Isobel, who is also having a lovely little giveaway this week!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shopping List Saturday

Lots of whimsical lovliness this evening, some of my favourite finds from Etsy this week...bird and nest muslin ribbon by TheShabbyChicCottage

Friday, 21 January 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Crochet Hearts!

Oh my gosh, this is just sooooo cute! I just made this from the super pattern here it's just so sweet and very quick to make! It looks much larger in the pic than it really is, it is really quite teeny. I love the yarn too, a charity shop purchase on Tuesday (seven balls for £2!), I think the sugary pink is just perfect! So now I'm off to make the other sizes in the pattern, but I was just too excited not to post a picture right away!


Yesterday we went up to Warwick Art Centre for hubby's graduation. There's a very sweet little tea shop there called Curiositea and it's just lovely!

I took a sneaky pic, I love the gorgeous dresser with all the pretty teacups and saucers, and the silvery tree in the corner has pictures of vintage teapots and cups and saucers hanging on the branches. It's a very, very sweet tea shop, and they were playing Blondie on the little retro radio, which just finished it off nicely!

My Creative Space

Inspired by Dottie Angel's super-dooper "Have a Heart" how to I have decided to make my stall pretty for Valentines Day. So I've cut out a bunch of hearts from book pages and magazines. These are some of my favourites, I particularly love the candles, how lucky to find a page with such pretty illustrations...

I'll be laminating some I think, so they look shiny, and I think I'll stitch them together with red thread, and possibly some ribbon. Big plans indeed. I am also thinking about making some crochet hearts to decorate with.

For more Creative Spaces pop on over to Kootoyoo

Monday, 17 January 2011

Chevron Blanket and Big Plans for my Day Off!

I started this just before Christmas, from the super pattern over at the Royal Sisters, and although I don't have much free time right now, I'm pleased that it's growing, however slowly!I have a bunch of half-made blankets and a load of loose granny squares, that at some point I would like to finish, perhaps I should gather them together in a 'to do' pile...
I am having a day off today, although so far I have done a load of washing, fed and watered the menagerie and made a couple of phone calls....definitely not day off tasks! I am planning to write some replies to letters that I've had sat in a bundle looking at me for a couple of weeks now, as well as do some of my Ancient Egypt work, read, and work on some crochet. I hope I have enough time!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shopping List Sunday

Lots of lovely cushions, something to snuggle up to on a rainy day! summer garden -pillow cover, olive green no.7 by Tuuni

Facebook Page and a Treasury Feature!

I've finally caught up and made a special page for gemmipop designs on facebook!
I've been using the retro floral design for some of my packaging, I think it's nice and fresh, so I thought I'd go for it for my profile pic.

And in other news, my yellow house brooch was featured in a super-dooper treasury on Etsy! Lots of lovely yellow houses, thanks so much Lin222 for the feature!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day Out in Liverpool!

Had a lovely day out in Liverpool yesterday with my little chum Amy, as a joint (slightly belated) birthday celebration. We went to the Tate and saw the Nam June Paik exhibition which was very interesting, and I loved the robots! images from

We also went shopping for fabric, I got some very pretty stuff for the stall...
and we saw this fantastic graffiti...
We had a very nice little day it has to be said!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Vintage Fabric Tote Bags

I've been making bags this week, I've followed a pattern that means that the bag doesn't have a seam along the top on the outside. I just put the outer bag inside the lining (right sides facing), put a seam along the wrong side edge, and left an opening on the inside lining to pull the outside through. These are my prototypes, they seem to have worked pretty well. I am trying to use some of my vintage fabric stash because I have more than I have room for! And of course, that leaves me with an excuse to buy more...


I came across this fantastic menu via Crust Station, the original post is here. It is just so pretty!

New Brooches

I made these brooches yesterday to match some of my cardigans, I always think it's nice to make things to wear myself.

The purple one is made from vintage floral fabric, the red one is from some fabric offcuts that I was given, and both have grey fabric from a t-shirt that didn't fit, so they are both environmentally friendly. I will be wearing the purple one tomorrow with a new top, so hopefully it will finish off a new outfit.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Birthday Girl...

Yesterday was my 26th Birthday, and I had the most wonderful day! I spent the day in the stall, being spoilt rotten by my fellow stall holders, showered with presents, a muffin with a candle and a very super-dooper balloon...
Lovely Linda La La made this fab brooch for me, I love it! After work I was taken for Nachos and to see "The King's Speech" (which is really very good) by my lovely hubby and my super friend Amy, who gave me an absolutely beautiful bag that she'd made specially for me...
It really is lovely! I was really quite spoiled, I had a mountain of fantastic books and lots of lovely messages on facebook, and most importantly I got to see a whole bunch of my favourite people.
So thanks to everyone for making my day so special, it was particularly fantastic after having an awful Christmas battling icky tonsils.