Sunday, 5 December 2010


I've had a crazy week of making and designing, and my poor blog has suffered a little, but I have just passed the 300th post mark! Quite a milestone, and things have certainly changed a lot since I started my blog in the second year of uni; I didn't think for a moment that I would have my own little stall, or be selling regularly to wonderful customers - I never would have had the confidence to think that people would want to buy anything I made, and to be honest, I am still always so touched and grateful that the things that I make are so well liked. I love that going to "work" means making pretty things all day, that I am doing it all for myself and no-one else. It's a good life and I feel very lucky. So, anyway, after that little rambling divergence, here's what I've been upto...My first batch of yo-yo brooches are done and for sale in the stall, and thanks to the lovely Vicky at Luna Wolf, I have a huuugggggggggge stack of gorgeous fabric offcuts to start making a new bundle! I may well start them tomorrow (although I really have to catch up with my letters too, when will there ever be enough hours in the day...)I bought a fabric stash from SharingOlives on etsy and just loved this bird design, so I made a little something for myself on Thursday - this sweet little bird brooch. I wore it on Friday and it really made me smile!
I'm going to get back to my crochet flowers for a bit longer before I give into the lurgy which is starting to come on, but I'll be back soon!

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