Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tweet Tweet...

After months and months and months of resisting, I am now a tweeter! I thought it might be handy now my stall is (almost) up and running to be able to update more regularly, so I will be tweeting as well as blogging!
So, with mention of the stall, here's a little taster of what I've been up to today!

My plant was a little thirsty this morning and had slightly droopy leaves, but hopefully it will perk up after the big drink I gave it when I arrived! The "Make Tea Not War" sign is a postcard. It made me smile, given that I am a serious tea addict.

These are the shelves my lovely Daddy put up for me, the top one has wooden hills on it to display my jewellery on, and the lower one has all of my jars of brooch backs and labels and all kinds of functional stuff. It's all looking very pretty! As well as that, I've been very busy, because I took all of the stock in and put it all out on display, I'm so excited, it all looks so lovely. I'm pretty tired now though!

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