Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Playing Along with Meet Me at Mikes...20 Questions!

  1. Sweet or Savoury? Both, but probably savoury!
  2. Dresses or Jeans? Neither, I love Skirts!
  3. House or Apartment? House
  4. Shop Online or Offline? Both, but nothing beats pounding the pavement for super dooper impulse purchases!
  5. DVDs or Downloads? DVDs
  6. Cocktails or Juice? Juice, especially Mango
  7. Chocolate or Strawberry? Strawberry
  8. Laptop or PC? Laptop
  9. Magazines or Newspapers? Magazines, although I do like a little look through the Guardian!
  10. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook for personal, Twitter for work
  11. CDs or MP3s? CDs, I love the little booklets
  12. Kids or Pets? Pets, what with having three cats, two chickens and a rabbit in the household!
  13. Macaron or Cupcakes? Cupcakes
  14. Walk or Run? Walk
  15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out? Breakfast out
  16. Market or Supermarket? Market, lots of yummy local produce!
  17. Sourdough or Grainy? Grainy
  18. Heels or Flats? Flats, I can't do heels at all!
  19. Late nights or Not? Late Nights with a movie and hubby.
  20. Coffee or Tea? Tea everytime!

Pop on over to see lovely Pip and join in!

And just as a little P.S, check out this funny little story over at the Letter Writing Revolution, it made me smile and feel very warm and fuzzy inside!

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  1. cute crocheted flowers on your site! I did the 20 questions too - http://craftygeordi.blogspot.com/2010/11/20-questions.html


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