Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space today is all about my stall! I have finally done all the making-pretty that I wanted to do, and I'm so pleased! All of the stock is out, everything that should be on the wall is on the wall, and I'm so pleased!The counter has a bunch of stock displayed in cake stands. This is the inside of the glass cabinet. I put some nice wallpaper in the back, because the fabric was looking a bit tired, so now it looks all fresh. I bought fairy lights so it could be lit up, and there's lots of snazzy stuff in there, all displayed on pretty teacups, dishes, bowls and vintage lace doilies that I have been collecting just for this purpose!

There's still a couple of odd jobs to do (battery for clock, bulb for lamp, plugs to wire...), but I'm ready to open on Saturday! I hope lots of people will come and say hello, I'm very excited and very scared!

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  1. Good luck. It looks great!!

  2. Good Luck for your opening tomorrow, Gem - stall looks fab! xxx


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