Monday, 29 November 2010


Aside from jaunting around London, I have been doing some work! I have been making some slightly bigger yo-yo brooches, with all kinds of coloured and patterned fabric. I really love making them, and it's so lovely to have a great big space to work in! It was a quiet day on Friday in the stall, so I spread all of my fabric on the counter and set to cutting out some circles. I really enjoyed working there, and lots of people popped in to see what I was doing. Today I have had a day off, but tomorrow I will be getting some making done, I have some new ideas to get on with and I'll be finishing some things off. I am planning to make some of these Crochet Flower Rings to use in my stall as picture frames, the tutorial is fantastic, and they're ever so cute! I will also be preparing for the first of my "Crochet Christmas" sessions, which is on Friday, I hope lots of people will come along!

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  1. Very much wishing I could make it to your Crochet Christmas session. :-)


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