Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Knitting and Crochet Fun!

I finished my first sock on Friday at Stitch and Bitch, with lots of help and encouragement from my very lovely friend Vicky! I also made a very sweet mitt from a pattern I offered to test out for Shara, so at the moment I have a single sock and a single mitt... I may need to get cracking on making each of them a friend!I have also been in a complete star making frenzy! I made the very snazzy colourful garland for Christmas, and the blue and white one is for my stall if/when the time comes. This afternoon I will be putting brooch backs onto the huge bundle of crochet flowers that I have been making, but I also need to take a big stack of letters to the post office!
And, just because they're lovely, here are the sweet tins I picked up yesterday! I love them!


  1. Those crocheted stars are just gorgeous. I got your letter today - it was lovely.

  2. They are so pretty aren't they?! The rate I'm going the whole house is going to be full of them!
    I'm glad you got my letter Kaz, I got your postcard this morning! Thanks xx

  3. Great stars and all mitts look so cozy, love them!!! Let me know how you go with unwinding jumpers!


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