Sunday, 24 October 2010

Flea Market Find Of the Year!

It was tricky to choose a favourite Flea Market Find, but I think it was this dresser and mirror, which I absolutely love! This is it in the shop, I just couldn't leave it behind! So here it is in my room all covered with my bits and bobs. Inside my dresser I store all my letter writing stuff, old photos and journals. It's really quite lovely!
I have had some pretty good finds this week too, so I'll be back with them later.
Pop on over to see Sophie Isobel for The Flea Market Finds of the Year!


  1. That is a beauty! Really great flea mrket find!

  2. Lovely. Haven't seen anything like this before.

  3. Thanks! I think it's hand made, it really is gorgeous!

  4. Wow, that is really a great shape - no wonder you couldn't leave it behind! I can just see some glamorous woman of the 40's sitting in front of it putting on her jewels!


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