Thursday, 28 October 2010

My Creative Space

I am working on some big plans at the moment, and I am quite happily popping some ideas down in an exercise book so that I have references to work from!

I guess I should spill the beans: Tomorrow I move into my very own premises! I am SO excited!I will have my own workshop/retail space within the local indoor market, between a shabby chic furniture stall and a vintage clothing/general fabulousness stall Linda LaLa Land! I am really thrilled, I can't wait to get started!

So as well as making a load of stock, I have been putting down some ideas for decoration and wall display. I'll be taking some photos of my progress as I go along, making everything pretty, so I'll be making regular updates. It's been a funny old week!

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Well, after three long years, the time has come! I got to put on silly hat, and voluminous robes, and enjoyed the pomp and ceremony of Graduation! A special day spent with my loveliest and most fabulous friend Amy, as well as her super lovely folks, my sweet hubby and my parents and sister. A jolly nice day indeed!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Shopping and Making!

So, as promised, a look at some of the excellent goodies I've picked up over the last week. All of these bits and bobs came from my local charity and second hand shops...I got the Scrabble for labelling my books and files...and after my post last week about the lack of nice yarn in my local charity shops, I got this little bundle, 30p per ball! Nice colours too, I was ever so pleased!I am using it to make jar jumpers (inspired by Dottie Angel), the jars will be used to store brooch backs, fabric labels, and buttons...I got these jars yesterday, they're not second hand, but I'm making them gorgeous, with pincushion tops, and they'll have jumpers too!
I'm preparing for something really quite exciting, more details to come...

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Flea Market Find Of the Year!

It was tricky to choose a favourite Flea Market Find, but I think it was this dresser and mirror, which I absolutely love! This is it in the shop, I just couldn't leave it behind! So here it is in my room all covered with my bits and bobs. Inside my dresser I store all my letter writing stuff, old photos and journals. It's really quite lovely!
I have had some pretty good finds this week too, so I'll be back with them later.
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Creative Space

Today I am frantically making brooches, putting together lots of crochet flowers. I am using one of my favourite Flea Market Finds, my lovely flowery tray, to put all the component bits on, so everything is nice and neat.
They're quite pretty little flowers, they are 100% cotton, and they feel lovely.

I have also almost finished my second mitt, I am going to do the thumb next because I have to go on the hunt for supplies and there's a distinct chill in the air!
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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Knitting and Crochet Fun!

I finished my first sock on Friday at Stitch and Bitch, with lots of help and encouragement from my very lovely friend Vicky! I also made a very sweet mitt from a pattern I offered to test out for Shara, so at the moment I have a single sock and a single mitt... I may need to get cracking on making each of them a friend!I have also been in a complete star making frenzy! I made the very snazzy colourful garland for Christmas, and the blue and white one is for my stall if/when the time comes. This afternoon I will be putting brooch backs onto the huge bundle of crochet flowers that I have been making, but I also need to take a big stack of letters to the post office!
And, just because they're lovely, here are the sweet tins I picked up yesterday! I love them!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I have mentioned before that I have been making an effort to increase the amount of mail that I both send and receive, I know it's not about numbers, but I thought I would share my first months results!

September 2010
Another interesting piece of trivia - my September Postcrossing mileage

I have really enjoyed myself so far, I am thrilled to have been introduced to lots of really lovely people all over the world! I am enjoying hearing about new places and cultures, it is very satisfying to my curious nature and my desire to learn. I think geography lessons would have been much more interesting with the help of postcrossing - check out this and this!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Flea Market Finds

My Flea Market Find this week is actually from last weekend which we spent at the beach in Wales...

I got a bunch of really kitschy postcards from a charity shop for 10p each! They are destined to be sent out on Postcrossing Journeys, I hope the people that they are sent to will love them as much as I do!

I have been thinking lately about my contribution to the whole Carbon Footprint and so on. In general, I think I am pretty good with my shopping; I try to buy the things I need/want from charity shops, and second hand shops, but I have seen lots of interesting blogs on the subject of thrifty shopping, from Dottie Angel's Challenge of the utmost kind to the more recent post by Tricia over at Little Eco Footprints. Inspired, I have been thinking about the parameters of doing this kind of thing for myself. For example; where do I stand on buying yarn? My fabric is almost always second hand, but my yarn is always new. Being self employed/unemployed right now, I can't afford to buy hand spun gorgeousness, however much I would like to (I see this as the solution to the conundrum), and unless I suddenly fall in love with itchy mohair (ew!) I don't see my local charity shops as the answer either. So, I'm wondering, given that I am a charity shop devotee anyway (which makes it less of an adjustment in the first place), is it a complete cop-out to take up a challenge when I know there would be exceptions that I would have to make in order to not drive myself insane (basically that I would need to buy yarn)? If there's anyone reading this that has taken the plunge, I would love to hear any suggestions!

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shopping List Saturday

Lots of pretty things that I just love this week! 1970s Style Petal Lampshade by FollyandGlee

Feeling Festive!

I'm sure that it's still too soon for any kind of festive feelings, but I saw these super tutorials and just had the urge to make some Christmas decorations!

They're really quick to make, and just so sweet. I picked up some funky stripey yarn today to make some more. It's a really lovely day - I had fantastic post this morning, a sale on my Etsy shop, and a lovely breakfast with my hubby!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Folksy Favourites

This week my Folksy Favourites are for going out and about, the perfect Cowl for the cold weather, plus a bag and all the things I would need to take with me! I'm itching for a day out! 100% Merino Wool Cowl, Super Chunky by OhKnit Dizzy Bag! by dizzyizzy
A5 Notebook by RamaandJude

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lovely Post!

I've been working hard on the first part of my Ancient Egypt course today, so no creative space this week, but I wanted to share the postcard that arrived this morning.
Isn't it just so fun?! I miss table dens. This one looks particularly fun. Thanks so much Marja in Finland!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


So, as promised, a little peep at some of the projects I'm working on at the moment...

I started the multi-coloured stripey blanket about two weeks ago, and the chunky stripey blanket (at the bottom) is the result of a three hour crochet session in a coffee shop yesterday with my lovely chum Amy. My socks are coming on well too, I have to do something complicated next so I'm putting it off!
I had this gorgeous postcrossing card this morning;

It's so thoughtful, I was really touched! Thanks Melissa!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Days Out!

It's been a fun couple of days; I spent the weekend at the seaside in Wales with lovely hubby (and recovered from a second wave of a cold), then last night a few of us went to Manchester to see The Joy Formidable, supported by Chapel Club (they were both amazing) and then today I went to Chester to see my lovely partner in crime Amy, for a day of shopping, crochet, and nursing seriously ringing ears! Good times!

I'm in the middle of lots of projects at the moment, including two crochet blankets, a super special birthday gift for a super special girl who will be 21 at the end of the month, the first of a pair of socks (they're coming on well!) and a whole bunch of other projects that I started but didn't finish. I'm planning to get a few things finished off over the next couple of days, so I will be back tomorrow to show my progress!