Monday, 13 September 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well, I'm either a day late or a week early, but I just had to get some photos of my latest Flea Market Find. It's kind of a long-ish was the first day course that I'm doing, which is in a little town that I hadn't visited before. I was struck straight away by the amount of Charity Shops there, I think I counted thirteen! In the first one I found a little basket with a little pile of notecards and envelopes for 10p each! So of course I grabbed a couple and went to pay. Me being me, I got chatting to the nice lady in the shop about writing letters, and she asked me if I had any time to spare, and disappeared into the back room. When she came back she had a cardboard box full to the brim with boxed notecards, and then went back for another one, equally full! So I bought a load, and she was really kind and gave me quite a few because she said she was pleased that they were going to someone who would love them. It would seem that they had been destined for the bin!! I think it must have been someone's collection, inside the one box there is a little list of names, I'm presuming the intended recipients of some of these lovely cards. So here they are...the view inside the bag...
I started to unpack them and put them into a more compact container (I'm keeping the boxes though) This is what they looked like when they were all packed away neatly!

So here are some of the highlights...

Aren't they just precious!? I can't wait to send them to some lovely people!
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  1. Oh they are all so pretty, I think we should write more, seems to a lost art.
    I love getting mail in the letter box
    Have a great week

  2. I think so too, I love letters! x

  3. They're beautiful. What a nice lady to show you the other boxes. I hate hearing about things that get thrown out.


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