Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Day of Designing and Research!

Today I am working hard, and not being distracted at all by two pesky chickens who keep peeping at me through the patio door, or by a kitty that keeps yowling just because he wants to eat the other kitties food. Nope, not distracted at all...
So far I have done the boring stuff (expenses paperwork, always a chore), so now I get to do the stuff I enjoy. Unfortunately I am still without a workshop or the necessary tools, so I can't do the stuff I really really enjoy (making stuff) but I am working on designs and a book of ideas for when I do actually get a workshop. This of course involves looking through lots of magazines and blogs for inspiration!
Here's a little peek at what I've got so far -

I have been using correction fluid to alter some pictures so that I can imagine what different spaces would look like with my stuff involved, it's very low-tech, but reasonably quick. I have a new stack of magazines to look through (I picked up five copies of "House Beautiful" for £1.25 yesterday, some are five years old but who's counting?!) so hopefully some inspiration will strike.


  1. Thanks for a fun shopping day today! :)

    Here's the sock pattern I've been using. Rather than rib all the way down, I've been knitting the first two inches in 2x2 rib, then switching to stockinette. That way, it actually comes out like the picture.

    Hope the chickens/cats give you a break tomorrow; it's hard to work when you're being pestered!

  2. I had a lovely time, we'll have to do it again soon!
    Thanks for the pattern, the dividing the heel bit sounds a bit complicated, I may need a lesson!
    I'm hoping to get a bit done tomorrow, but we'll see what the various creatures have in mind! See you soon! xx


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