Monday, 30 August 2010

Pretty Postcards

Whilst on the hunt for postcards today for my first PostCrossing, I found this sweet little card just for me! Image from 1973
I just need to get a funky frame for it now, I rather like these ones, especially the pink, yellow and blue...Image from weheartit


  1. Ooh I have that exact same card, I love it, think I got it from the Tate?

  2. I got mine in Paperchase, they have some fab postcards at the moment, I think I have all of the Belle and Boo ones now, but I still love to see them in the shop!

  3. Ah, now you mention it, I probably got mine from Paperchase too. Oooh I didn't know they did Belle and Boo, I must take a look, thanks!

  4. They have the little boy in the top hat, I always think Belle and Boo illustrations are so charming!xx


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