Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Creative Space

It's a little cheat this week, as I am posting my space from Wednesday, not Thursday, but since I have an adventure planned for tomorrow I thought it was okay to cheat just this once...I am still working on my little research book, I had to put all the pictures I'd cut out into this very pink file to save them ending up everywhere before they got stuck down. Here's a little peep inside my book. I sometimes wonder if it is a little strange to find interiors so inspiring and exciting when I actually make jewellery, but I guess that anything that inspires is worth collecting, so I have started separating the different elements into different books so that I can keep it all neat. And here is what I pulled out this evening, it's all stashed away neat and tidy ready for me when I have a break in my adventures!

As a break from the 'proper' work stuff, I have been at the crochet hook again! This is my new Robot Friend, who will be going to live with my sister on December 25th. He doesn't have a smile yet, as I think that it's important to be in just the right mood to give out smiles! He's ever so squishy and pudgy, I hope my sister will love him well.

And just for the sake of cuteness, here is Norman giving the knitting machine his seal of approval. I'm not sure he'll like it so much when I get going with it, but for now it's something new and interesting!

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