Friday, 23 July 2010

Crochet Days...

I'm in the middle of several crochet projects at the moment, including a bag and a lap blanket. The bag is the project that I started with my lovely friend Amy on Tuesday in a cafe. Amy chose the pretty (and very soft) pastel shade yarn, whilst I chose the blue, orange and white yarn with sparkly strands all through it, but I ran out of that pretty quickly (I thought that 5 balls would be enough...) so I carried on with some very nice double knit. This is where I'm up to so far, it's really huge, but the pattern says that it should be 112 cm circumference at it's widest point, so I think I'm on track!

And my other half finished project, joining up my granny squares. I think they look pretty with the strong red edges. It's going to be a rectangle, 5x6 squares, so I now know I can get 30 squares out of two 100g balls of double knit wool. So, I'm off to try and get these projects finished, I'll be back to post pictures when they're done!

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