Monday, 24 May 2010

New Jewellery

I've been playing with some acrylic designs in my little bit of spare time. These pieces are very different to my degree work, full of colour and fun! I laser cut these toadstools before Christmas, and I'm only just getting around to finishing them off! They still don't have any jewellery findings, but they will be brooches and a necklace, I think they're so much fun!This is a new design I've been toying with that I've had a go at putting together in a rough prototype.
I want to make some more prototypes in this range, I'm really excited to see where it's going... If only I had a little time to get on with it!

1 comment:

  1. These are cool, I have a laser cutter at my school and have been thinking about using it to make jewellery.
    The mushrooms would be great brooches.


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