Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Creative Space

Well, today is the end of an era in the creative space department - this is my very last post from my workshop at uni before my final assessment! If the workshop features again I will have officially left uni, and probably be there making things for myself (prototypes and stuff to sell etc). So here it is, the workshop that has been my second home for the last three years...

It's a little bit messy, and everything is a little bit worn around the edges, but I will always have fond memories, and some fairly crazy fun mishaps, to look back on...

So this is my bit of space today, all filled with busy makings for my degree show which is a week tomorrow...and just as a little sneak preview, here are the pieces that I'm working on...

They're not quite done yet, but I'm pretty pleased with how they're coming along. I'm hoping my degree show will be a huge success!

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  1. these look really interesting. hopefully next week there'll be a little more to see.

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