Thursday, 20 May 2010

My Creative Space

Today's creative space comes from uni, where Amy and I have been making more knitting needle bangles! We made two each to wear, plus three which we sold instantly to other students!
This is one of the students daughters who was visiting, she chose this super red one, which is the twin of the bangle that I made for myself.

This is Sam's bangle,

and this is Rachael's bangle!

I've been doing some uni work too, but this was the most fun! We also had Cake and Make, I've been working on some knitting swatches which are going well!

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  1. Love your bangles, they are really quirky.

  2. Look up she is a Australian jewellery designer who works with recycled tupperware and knitting needles to create loads of very funky jewellery. I LOVE her! You did well with your bangles, how did you make them??

  3. Thanks folks, we're really excited about them too! We made them with a heat gun over a former, they're quite good fun to make too, it's lovely to spend the time making with my fab friend! Thank you all for stopping by!xx


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