Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Knitting Needle Bangles!

I've been wanting to make knitting needle bangles for ages, ever since I saw them on Etsy (it's so long ago in fact, that I don't even remember who it was that was selling them to give them credit, but I am sending a bit thank-you into the universe). So today my little partner in crime, Amy, and I, set about making that very thing. It started simply enough, I had two odd (but far too lovely to dispose of) vintage plastic knitting needles, one cream and one turquoise. So we decided to bangle-ise them (that's a whole new word that we made up for the process). I went first with the turquoise, which turned out ace, but the cream one broke. So for the sake of us both having a bangle, we just HAD to go shopping! So we picked up a very skinny green pair of needles and a mis-matched yellow and red pair (and I got a gorgeous white pair, which are for actual knitting, strangely enough!) So, we set up camp in the workshop and got down to business! And here's what we came up with...

A good joint effort I think! I did the shaping (in very gorgeous heat proof gloves) and Amy did the heating (very well too, I came away completely unscathed!). So I got yellow and turquoise, and Amy got red and green, and we were both very happy! A jolly good day it has to be said!


  1. woop woop! how ace are we??? its been a very good day!!!


  2. Ooh, very cool! Will they be going on Etsy, Gem?

  3. We haven't made any to sell yet, but I'm sure we could sort one out for you! xx


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