Saturday, 29 May 2010

Knitting Fun!

I have managed to squeeze a little bit of knitting time into my busy schedule and have finished my first two pages of patterns from "the Harmony Guide to knitting stitches"!
Starting from my most recent swatch, we have Dotted Ladder Stitch and Ladder Stitch...
Reverse Sticking Stitch Chevrons and Double Basket weave...
Check Stitch and Double Fleck Stitch...Fleck Stitch and Diagonal Garter RibsMoss stitch, double moss stitch and Box Stitch...

And finally Dot Stitch and Stocking Stitch Triangles!

Some are more obvious than others, but I'm pleased to be having a go at them! I have started the next swatch in green, I'm planning to stitch them all together at the end to make a big blanket!

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  1. How lovely. I really want to learn to knit. So skillful. Well done.


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