Sunday, 23 May 2010

Flea Market Finds

I haven't had much time to get around the shops lately, but I did pop to the market yesterday and found this! I'm pretty excited because it's the crochet version of the knitting book I picked up recently, and I've really enjoyed making swatches from it in my (limited) spare time. So once I'm done with the knitting swatches, I plan to move on to this!
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  1. Maybe you could join your knitting swatches with your crochet swatches and make a fantastic blanket?! These books always have great pics and instructions I find. Happy Hooking - actually that doesn't sound quite right ...!

  2. I'll have to forward this post to a girlfriend who asked me only yesterday of a good crochet beginners book and I have no idea. Is it one I should recommend to her?

    My Flea Market Find

  3. What a whopping great find!!!

  4. It's a really lovely book! I've been enjoying the knitting version, which is very straight-forward, but I've found a couple of the patterns aren't correct - I have to say here that I thought I was just doing it wrong, but a fellow knitter (who has been knitting for twice as long as I've been alive!)actually confirmed for me that the patterns wouldn't come out like the photos! So I'm not sure if they are suitable for a beginner Susan, it might be hard for her to spot if the pattern is wrong, I wouldn't want her to become disheartened!Thanks for stopping by everyone! xx


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