Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What a Weekend!

I have spent a lovely couple of days in London with my hubby as our Easter getaway! This weekend we spent the whole time together as this was an actual holiday rather than me just tagging along on a work thing, and we had a fantastic time! On Sunday we hit Tate Britain for strawberry ice cream, tea and art. We went to see the Henry Moore exhibition which was really amazing, and very inspirational - I spent ages jotting down notes and doing some sketching...We also saw the Chris Ofili Exhibition, which, quite frankly, had a little too much elephant poop for my taste. Nice colours though. After Tate Britain, we mooched on over to the Royal Academy for The Real Van Gogh; the Artist and his Letters which was amazing, really quite enjoyed!
We went to our favourite Greek restaurant in the evening, which was the perfect end to the day!

Yesterday was equally fab, with a bit of a random start - as we wondered through Trafalgar Square, with our tummies full from a very yummy breakfast, we spotted a commotion on the steps, so nosy as we are, we headed towards it to see the filming of a scene from Ugly Betty!

After that excitement we headed to Tate Modern, and took advantage of our membership for a nice relaxing cup of tea in the member's room, with this spectacular view...

We also went to the Michelangelo exhibition at Somerset House, and had a lovely wander around Covent Garden before heading home. Today is all about work, so I'm off to get started - I am working on fabric designs today!

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