Sunday, 18 April 2010

Flea Market Finds

My flea market find this week was not really my find, it was my lovely mother-in-laws! My MIL did a super save for me in the charity shop where she volunteers, these little bits (in a bag with some general sewing bits) were about to be thrown away...I can't believe how close they were to the scrap heap, naughty shop manager with her frivolous throwing away habits!!

I have already made the cigar box my own, filling it with my sewing stuff, in tribute to the seamstress who owned it last (it had several well used needles and odd bits inside, I've not thrown them away, but they weren't much use to me in their current state!). Really quite sweet little things, I am so pleased to give them a home!

For more little treasures, pop on over to see Sophie...


  1. Great save there by the MIL!!

  2. Lovely finds! The pincushion is gorgeous :)

  3. those are awesome ... and absolutely should be saved. lucky you

  4. Sooo sweet! I LOVE that little pincushion!

  5. Oh very sweet indeed. I'm with Selina, that pin cushion is way cute!
    Sophie x

  6. Love the pin cushion and the gorgeous sewing kit. Great finds. Look forward to playing again next week.


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