Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flea Market Finds

My lovely find this week was this sweet little storage rack which sits nicely on my office desk. I found it in a lovely little charity shop that I hadn't been to before in Ruthin on Thursday, and was quite thrilled!

At the moment it is holding my little research books, which are a work in progress of collecting bits and bobs so that I have plenty to look at for inspiration when I've finished uni, but eventually it will store my projects on my desk (crochet and knitting, fabric etc), so they will be neat and conveniently to hand!
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  1. Hey Gem - these are Italian! I bought one when I was living there, all the old Italian ladies have them i their kitchens, they're really sweet aren't they? Better go, late for work x

  2. Thanks! I had a feeling that it was some kind of kitchen thing, it really is sweet! I can't wait to stash all my goodies in it. Hope you have a lovely day!xxx

  3. This is so sweet. Your goodies will look so nice in it.

    My Flea Market Find


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