Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Embroidery Hoops...

Here they are, all laid out and pretty (at least I think so...), my embroidery hoops! I'm a little nervous about assessments, but I will always know that my work is my own, and I hope that the fact that I stood by my convictions will see me through!

I've had a pretty relaxed day today, we put together our new "Eglu Go" Chicken Coop this morning (we got the yellow one - it's fab!), and our chickens will be arriving tomorrow - we're both very excited! I will be sure to post pics of the chooks and our first eggs! And, just to prove that I actually took a break after I'd finished my work yesterday... my chive scones! They are really quite yummy, topped with some smoked applewood cheese! Mmmmm!


  1. they look so pretttttty! any one who doesnt like them is a fool! ;)


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