Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mr Hare Is Almost Done!

It's been a heavy week at uni so far, full of seminars about setting up a business! It's an interesting three day event, all tailored towards getting jobs in the creative field, so I've been finding out about working with galleries, engaging with people through art in the community, and the dreaded tax! It's all been very interesting, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the workshop tomorrow! Between seminars I've been knitting away, working on the Humphrey Hare pattern from "The Knitted Odd Bod Bunch" , and last night I put him together! He is still face (and fluffy pompom) less, but still very cute! Here he is so far...

and this where he's chilling out recovering from his 'being put together surgery'! He's hanging out with The Owls, Mr Elefante, Binky and the gorgeous (and aptly named) "Incredibly Cute Kitten" who came to join our quirky little family from sausagedog this Christmas (thank you lovely hubby!). I'm sure everything will be a lot more fun for poor Mr Hare when he gets eyes -it's a hard life being a not-quite-finished bun!

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