Tuesday, 30 March 2010

London Calling...

We've had a lovely long weekend in London, and whilst hubby was in various meetings I took the opportunity to have a look around my favourite places. We arrived very late on Friday evening so we just went to our favourite Greek restaurant and then back to the hotel. On Saturday I mooched around the National Gallery, the National Portrait gallery and the British Museum...Francisco de Zurbar├ín, A Cup of Water and a Rose, 1630, Photo © The National Gallery, London

I hadn't seen this painting before, it was tucked into a corner and it's only small so it was easily missed, but I'm really glad to have found it - I'm really quite taken with it! I also saw a pretty little portrait of Jane Austen at the National Portrait Gallery, which was really exciting for me! In the British Museum I spent quite a while with the Egyptian artifacts, it really is my favourite part of the whole museum! I also had a lovely little wander around the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the shops in Covent Garden. I picked up a couple of the little notebooks that I love while I was there. On Sunday we wondered around a bit, saw the premier for "Clash of the Titans" being set up, and a very good band busking in the West End. On Monday I took myself off down to South Kensington for a day in The Natural History Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum.
I was the first into the Dinosaur section of the Natural History Museum (my favorite bit!) because I knew exactly where I was heading as soon as I got in there! I rather enjoyed having the place to myself for a little while, without having to contend with crowds!
I had a really good look around the museum and I spent an hour sketching birds for my uni work, there is a really beautiful Victorian cabinet full of little hummingbirds (it kind of both intrigued me and made me feel slightly unsettled, what with being a vegetarian and all)
The next bit of my day was spent in the V&A, where I made a beeline for the Quilts exhibition. It was really lovely, but I felt a little disappointed that they hadn't got postcards of my favourite pieces, probably in an effort to convince me to buy the fairly expensive exhibition book! Nonetheless, it was a beautiful exhibition, and I was pleased to see such a diverse range of people looking around it. The specially made V&A fabric was pretty exciting too! While I was in the V&A I had a look around the fashion section, and I really love this newly acquired Tracey Emin bag!
So pretty! All in all, a very productive trip! Got lots of reseach done for my uni work, and had a lovely time too. Now I'm home it's back to work, lots of sewing and idea jotting to be done!

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