Sunday, 14 March 2010

Flea Market Finds

It's been a really lovely spring weekend, and we've taken full advantage of it! Yesterday we wondered around the charity shops and visited a jumble sale. I picked up some flowery pillowcases to chop up for plushies, and some teacups (the purpose of which will be revealed shortly...) and this adorable little jug...It's home to my ever expanding crochet hook collection and will live on my desk.

So the purpose of all the teacups that I've been accumulating lately is this;

I have a whole window ledge full of teacup planters - at the moment I've got basil, coriander and culinary lavender all planted up. We've been pretty busy in the garden too, planting up peas, broad and runner beans, rhubarb and cauliflower, as well as the painful job of pruning back the raspberries and blackberries, and tidying up the herb patch. It's been pleasant to have a break and take some time away from uni work, and I feel excited about the week ahead!

For more flea market finds pop on over to see lovely Sophie Isobel!


  1. love the jug and good on you for being so up to speed in the garden! it is a bit tricky here in Mildura coz we could still get some hot days this month

  2. We're doing the gardening a little bit carefully, we have the opposite problem that we might still get frost!! The jug really is sweet, I nearly squeeked when I saw it! Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. Nice jug - I have a set of 4 tea plates that match it. They were supposed to be 50p each but the lady only charged me 5p each - bargain!!

  4. The jug was 50p, and I thought that was pretty good, but Wowee! That is a real bargain!Thanks for visiting!xx

  5. Oh I love that jug! And it looks just perfect full of crochet hooks too!
    Sophie x

  6. Cute jug and I hope your plants all bring your loads of yummy greenery ;)


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