Sunday, 7 March 2010

Flea Market Finds

Had some very lovely little treasure hunts over the last couple of days! On Friday I had a nice little afternoon, had cups of tea with one of my most favourite people in one of my most favourite bookshop, Booka, and then went for a little trundle around my favourite treasure finding locations in Oswestry. I got some very snazzy fabric, and these...
gorgeous Parisian postcards, sent to people all over the world. They are really quite lovely!

I went to Wolverhampton yesterday. I spent some time wandering around the shops, and drinking lots of tea! I found these little sweeties in Oxfam, they are fab! I think there's a new collection starting to emerge here!
I also went to the art gallery and had a look at the Jann Haworth exhibition which was lovely and full of fabric goodness!

(Donuts, Coffee cups & Comics (1962) by Jann Haworth. Image © Lee Allen, taken from

Fabric tea cups, with fabric tea, and fabric newspapers, and fabric doughnuts! It really is quite something! I will definitely be popping back for another look at some point soon!

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  1. Ooooo I would love to see that Jan Haworth exhibition!

  2. i love a fabric exhibition ... i went to the V&A when I visited London lst year because it has so much vintage goodness. what a great day you had.

  3. I used to love going to Oxfam in England. Great finds!

  4. Oh some very lovely finds indeed! Love those gorgeous postcards.
    Sophie x


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