Thursday, 11 March 2010

The End of a Busy Day!

I'm just getting to the end of the very busy day that started in my creative space this morning, and it really has been a very productive day! I've looked at fashion forecasts, done lots of lovely research, finished three design sheets, updated my sketchbook, technical file and professional development file and actually had time to make a little something too!

This is just an extension of what I was working on yesterday, with the addition of the vintage linen backing. I need to look at how the back of this piece works, as yet it is open onto the sewing, but my brain is quite frazzled enough for one day. Having worked through lunch I am planning to go downstairs and get something yummy to eat and enjoy a quiet work-free evening. The new office really is quite lovely, I think there are lots more sunny and productive days to come in here!

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