Tuesday, 30 March 2010

London Calling...

We've had a lovely long weekend in London, and whilst hubby was in various meetings I took the opportunity to have a look around my favourite places. We arrived very late on Friday evening so we just went to our favourite Greek restaurant and then back to the hotel. On Saturday I mooched around the National Gallery, the National Portrait gallery and the British Museum...Francisco de Zurbar├ín, A Cup of Water and a Rose, 1630, Photo © The National Gallery, London

I hadn't seen this painting before, it was tucked into a corner and it's only small so it was easily missed, but I'm really glad to have found it - I'm really quite taken with it! I also saw a pretty little portrait of Jane Austen at the National Portrait Gallery, which was really exciting for me! In the British Museum I spent quite a while with the Egyptian artifacts, it really is my favourite part of the whole museum! I also had a lovely little wander around the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the shops in Covent Garden. I picked up a couple of the little notebooks that I love while I was there. On Sunday we wondered around a bit, saw the premier for "Clash of the Titans" being set up, and a very good band busking in the West End. On Monday I took myself off down to South Kensington for a day in The Natural History Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum.
I was the first into the Dinosaur section of the Natural History Museum (my favorite bit!) because I knew exactly where I was heading as soon as I got in there! I rather enjoyed having the place to myself for a little while, without having to contend with crowds!
I had a really good look around the museum and I spent an hour sketching birds for my uni work, there is a really beautiful Victorian cabinet full of little hummingbirds (it kind of both intrigued me and made me feel slightly unsettled, what with being a vegetarian and all)
The next bit of my day was spent in the V&A, where I made a beeline for the Quilts exhibition. It was really lovely, but I felt a little disappointed that they hadn't got postcards of my favourite pieces, probably in an effort to convince me to buy the fairly expensive exhibition book! Nonetheless, it was a beautiful exhibition, and I was pleased to see such a diverse range of people looking around it. The specially made V&A fabric was pretty exciting too! While I was in the V&A I had a look around the fashion section, and I really love this newly acquired Tracey Emin bag!
So pretty! All in all, a very productive trip! Got lots of reseach done for my uni work, and had a lovely time too. Now I'm home it's back to work, lots of sewing and idea jotting to be done!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Flea Market Finds

I'm amazed at how quickly the weeks are flying by - I can't believe it's Sunday again, but here is my flea market find from this weeks various treasure hunts;
a lovely big bag for hauling around my various knitting and crochet projects, and isn't the fabric just so pretty?! I really love playing along with Flea Market Finds.

My afternoons endeavor has been towards the latest of my embroidery hoop pieces, these teeny tiny crocheted flowers! Just to give an idea of scale, this embroidery hoop is 5", so the flowers are really quite small. I have a busy week ahead, hopefully full of making lots of pretty things, and spending a little bit of time drinking tea with my lovely friends. But for now, I'm considering seconds of the very tasty spiced parsnip cake that my hubby whipped up this evening, and possibly a good film before bed. Lovely.

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Shopping List Sunday

As promised, here is my shopping list this week, a day late but nonetheless it's here! This week I am inspired by pretty embroidery, and I've been looking at pieces that have been used in jewellery! Embroidered Vintage Necklace by AlfalfaBunch
Tea Cup Fabric Collage Brooch by tailormade
Lots of pretty things! I'll be back later with my Flea Market Finds, and hopefully some pics of what I'm going to work on now!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hydrangeas are my Favourite Flower

It's been a lovely day, and I'm all tired out, so I'm only stopping by to show what I've been working on...
I'll be back tomorrow with my shopping list, and my flea market finds but for now it's an English Muffin and a cup of tea before bed.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Creative Space

I've been on a school trip today, I went to Manchester Art Gallery and spent the day with my lovely friend Amy! The highlights were the Yoshitomo Nara installation and the cabinets of curious objects, and the main exhibition of three Ron Mueck sculptures. So my own creative space was this evening at knitting, and tonight I showed my gorgeous ladies, Amy and Claire, how to finger knit!Here's mine...
and here's Amy's at the start... and this is Claire's at the start...and the finished scarves being modelled! Amy also taught me how to make pretty crochet flowers, I'm off to finish it now but just before I do, here's a sneaky preview of my latest piece...For more creative spaces head on over to kootoyoo

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Flea Market Finds

It's been a really lovely spring weekend, and we've taken full advantage of it! Yesterday we wondered around the charity shops and visited a jumble sale. I picked up some flowery pillowcases to chop up for plushies, and some teacups (the purpose of which will be revealed shortly...) and this adorable little jug...It's home to my ever expanding crochet hook collection and will live on my desk.

So the purpose of all the teacups that I've been accumulating lately is this;

I have a whole window ledge full of teacup planters - at the moment I've got basil, coriander and culinary lavender all planted up. We've been pretty busy in the garden too, planting up peas, broad and runner beans, rhubarb and cauliflower, as well as the painful job of pruning back the raspberries and blackberries, and tidying up the herb patch. It's been pleasant to have a break and take some time away from uni work, and I feel excited about the week ahead!

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Friday, 12 March 2010

Craft Matters

I just signed up on the "I want to make craft count" website, which shows the support for craft across the UK. Here's my little statement on the front page...
I wrote;
"I have always loved to make, from when I was a little girl when I made jelly fish with tissue paper, right through to now, where craft is my whole world. I love you create, to enjoy the process and feel proud when it’s done – the feeling of bringing to life something that has rolled around inside your head and it be better than you imagined it could be, and planning what you can do next. It’s always a challenge, and so satisfying”

I'm working hard again today in my little office, I have plans to work of some designs to put into my shop!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The End of a Busy Day!

I'm just getting to the end of the very busy day that started in my creative space this morning, and it really has been a very productive day! I've looked at fashion forecasts, done lots of lovely research, finished three design sheets, updated my sketchbook, technical file and professional development file and actually had time to make a little something too!

This is just an extension of what I was working on yesterday, with the addition of the vintage linen backing. I need to look at how the back of this piece works, as yet it is open onto the sewing, but my brain is quite frazzled enough for one day. Having worked through lunch I am planning to go downstairs and get something yummy to eat and enjoy a quiet work-free evening. The new office really is quite lovely, I think there are lots more sunny and productive days to come in here!

My Creative Space

I'm at the beginning of what I intend to be a very busy day, so my space this week is all my bits and bobs of uni work all laid out and ready to go...I have got lots of ideas and pretty things swirling around inside my head for what to do with the embroidery, and my contextual research book (pretty pictures to you and me!) will provide inspiration if the river runs dry!And just because I love to have them near, my current batch of granny squares, so sadly neglected as things become more and more busy in my little world. Unfortunately they will remain neglected at least for today; I have a to do list as long as an A4 sheet of paper, so off I go!!
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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Little Peep at What I've Been Working On

It's been a funny old day, had a bit of a false start (not my fault for once!) but I got there in the end. I've been working hard on my design work, looking at suitable fabrics for the backs of my pieces, some ideas for a range of cushions, and doing a little bit of embroidery.

The little embroidered piece is something I've been thinking about for this range, and I've been trying to get the wording right. I think it's pretty, I've always liked the idea that birds are chatting away to each other as they fly around. Tomorrow I will be working in my lovely new space, and trying to get through my lovely long "to do" list. For now I am thinking about what the little birds could be chatting about...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lots of Designs and Makings!

It's been a busy couple of days in my little world, full of jewellery designs, and stitching, and plenty of tea! I have been working hard cutting out aluminium which will be useful for seeing how my design works, and the ideas are all evolving slowly into something that I'm really excited about.

The next stages are working on the scale of the design, along with getting the colours right, and my favourite bit; fabric samples! I'm really enjoying this year, I lost my groove a little bit after my dissertation was handed in, but I feel like I'm getting back on track now!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Flea Market Finds

Had some very lovely little treasure hunts over the last couple of days! On Friday I had a nice little afternoon, had cups of tea with one of my most favourite people in one of my most favourite bookshop, Booka, and then went for a little trundle around my favourite treasure finding locations in Oswestry. I got some very snazzy fabric, and these...
gorgeous Parisian postcards, sent to people all over the world. They are really quite lovely!

I went to Wolverhampton yesterday. I spent some time wandering around the shops, and drinking lots of tea! I found these little sweeties in Oxfam, they are fab! I think there's a new collection starting to emerge here!
I also went to the art gallery and had a look at the Jann Haworth exhibition which was lovely and full of fabric goodness!

(Donuts, Coffee cups & Comics (1962) by Jann Haworth. Image © Lee Allen, taken from http://www.wolverhamptonart.org.uk/)

Fabric tea cups, with fabric tea, and fabric newspapers, and fabric doughnuts! It really is quite something! I will definitely be popping back for another look at some point soon!

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Shopping List Saturday

This weeks favourites...
geography lesson letter set by cutiepiecompany concrete box 2 by syko
Marguerite, Soft Cover Journal, Notebook by Kreativlink

Lots of pretty things, I love the idea of opening letters covered with maps whilst jotting in a gorgeous fabric book, preferably whilst drinking Lady Grey tea!

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

My Creative Space

I've finally sorted out my spare room, so this week my creative space is where I will be working from now on!

Got my desk all laid out with my knitting needles and crochet hooks, some interiors magazines waiting to be cut up for inspiration, and the frame where I am popping things that relate to current projects. On the bottom shelf if where all my sketchbooks will live, as well as relevant text books and some bits and bobs that I've made. The other shelves are full of toys and random figures that I've collected over the years. I really do love to be surrounded by colour!

So that's where it will all be happening from now on! For more spaces head on over to kootoyoo!