Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Work Work Work (and some shopping)...

I'm working from home today, just having a little lunch break. I've been working hard all morning, working out some ideas on huge pieces of paper, and researching some useful images to put into my contextual book. My work day supplies; tea and English Breakfast muffins!
I didn't make knit and natter last night because I came home to draft out a work experience application, but it's not all work and no play - yesterday afternoon on my way home I had a quick look in my favourite shop "Rosie and Lola", and have put a reserve on this sweet little dresser.

I'm picking it up on Saturday, I just can't wait! The little doors slide rather than open outwards, which is just so charming! It also comes with the mirrors, it's lovely! I need to think about how to re-arrange my current bedroom furniture to accommodate this little sweetie, I'm really looking forward to putting all my little bits and bobs out and making it all pretty!

Anyway, back to work for now!

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  1. what a pretty dresser, such a lovely find...


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