Thursday, 4 February 2010

My Creative Space

I've had a pretty busy day today, but my creative space this week comes from our knitting group!Here's my knitting from this evening (the colour is a bit off because there's weird florescent lights). Teleri and Sam, both knitting with some very snazzy multi-coloured yarn...Amy making crochet flowers and Claire on embroidery...
and Kate modelling her very fab little knitted moustache!
Here's me and Sam knitting away, and Amy applying lip gloss!Amy's flowers are lovely, she's very clever!
I've been working on some designs for uni today, I have a tutorial tomorrow with Kate (minus moustache!) so that I can get back on track because I'm having a little trouble focusing since getting my dissertation packed off! Nothing serious, just lost my groove a bit, I'm hoping I'll get it back soon!
So that's my space this week, for more loveliness head on over to kootoyoo!


  1. Knitting group looks like such fun! Loving the look of what ever it is you are knitting and the moustache.

  2. the application of the lip gloss is super important!! dont we all look like a busy bunch! xxx


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