Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Knitting and a Trip!

After my busy day of uni work yesterday I decided to finish my new knitty scarf!

It's quite sweet, I wore it for a test run today and it's lovely and cosy! I've started my next one today too, I'm branching out into trying knitted button holes, and already have some lovely ceramic buttons that my friend Amy made all lined up to go on it. I had a fab day today, I went to Ruthin Craft Centre with two of my uni friends, for a look at the new exhibition "Treasures of the 21st Century; An Exhibition of Silver from Goldsmiths’ Hall, London". There was some beautiful objects, silver really is gorgeous. While I was there I picked up a sweet Belle and Boo notebook

It's called "Evie's Flowers", and it's pretty! I really love the Belle and Boo designs, I have a bunch of their postcards, and they are so precious. Check out their website, there's some lovely things.

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