Sunday, 28 February 2010

Flea Market Finds

My finds this week were from yesterday, I had a lovely (albeit rainy) day out in Shrewsbury with my hubby, and I had a good old root around in the charity shops. I love looking around charity shops that are away from home, it's nice to have a change of scenery, although little old Oswestry really does have some fantastic shops! So, to my lovely finds...

Some very sweet patterns, "Modern Crochet By Penelope", purple plastic knitting needles, some pretty fabric and a gorgeous Laura Ashley flowery scarf. I've got big plans for the fabric (don't I always...), mostly more softies, but possibly a bag or two! I've just started a new project, inspired by lovely friend Linda - the Knitted Odd Bod "Humphrey Hare", since it's a rainy old day that is perfect for cups of tea, favourite movies and makings! I also have a bit of work to do, I've picked up lots of paint sample cards so that I can play with colour combinations for my embroidered pieces, so I shall be whipping out the glue and scissors in a short while!

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  1. Loving the Laura Ashley and the purple plastic needles!

  2. i love the fabric & old patterns.

    btw i love collecting old knitting needles too :)

  3. my favourite op shop haul ... fabric, patterns and knitting needles. my haul exactly from a few weeks ago!

  4. Love old patterns I have a few from the 50's and 60's although I've found it quite difficult to make up sometimes due to the very different body shapes we have now!! (I don't have 50's style pointy boobs and an hourglass silhouette....alas!)

  5. Oh I love those old patterns! The photos make me giggle. Thanks so much for playing, hope you are having a lovely week.
    Sophie x

  6. funky needles, great finds all round. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabrics!


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