Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flea Market Finds

I had some lovely little finds yesterday! On my way to get supplies for uni we called in to my favourite charity shops and I got these little sweeties...Both will soon be installed in my newly tidied office space, I'm going to put the clogs on the wall and the pin jar will go on the desk.
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On my little outing I got all the things I needed for uni; fabric paints, a paint roller and embroidery hoops in various sizes. My first attempts at painting onto fabric were pretty successful and I love the colours.

The next stage will be to perfect the design and make a new stencil because the old one is already worn out! Then I will be working on an actual piece rather than just trying out sample pieces. I love this part of the design process, where it's all starting to come together and I can see what happens next!


  1. your fabric painting looks wonderful ... and the colours are absolutely amazing. I love them.

  2. I love the colours too, so vibrant!!! And the design is very pretty.

  3. Wow Gemma, your blog is amazing! Well, I just know I am going to get nothing done now, as I'm going to read it all! I love the examples of your fabric printing - remember how we used to do that ironing technique with the paints? I would love to get some of that stuff, but no idea what it's called, as Sue used to get it...any ideas?
    You are going to be the Next Big Thing - so felighted to 'met up' again after all these years!

  4. Lovely finds and a great print. Do you make your stencil from iron on freezer paper - very hardy and doesn't move!

  5. Oh you find the most darling bits and pieces Gemma, just gorgeous indeed. Thanks so very much for playing along.
    Sophie x

  6. Cute finds! Love your painting ;)


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