Sunday, 14 February 2010

Flea Market Finds

My flea market finds this week come from our very special Valentines trip to the seaside! We had a lovely time in the beautiful little Welsh town of Llandudno, complete with charity shops and Victorian tea-rooms. My haul of goodies was amazing; lots of interiors magazines full of sweet photographs, pillow cases, plastic knitting needles, buttons, a wooden cotton reel, an embroidery hoop, and "Kaffe Knits Again". And these sweet vintage packs of needles and pins, all with little layers of paper. They're so sweet and compact! I also picked up a beautiful Indian layered throw, which I will photograph tomorrow to show it off properly in daylight! My dear sweet hubby also surprised me with some sweet wooden dolly pegs and a pack of paper doilies. I've got some lovely plans for all these little treasures, and I'm going to enjoy some time to myself this week to play!

For more Flea Market Finds wander on over to see Sophie, and join in for a chance to win her lovely Valentines brooch! Isn't it beautiful?!


  1. What a great collection. I especially love the advertising pin books. A nice memento from your weekend away.

  2. Ooooo - good haul indeed! The pin booklets rae great. Will you be keeping them intact or using them somehow? Sounds like a nice week-end!

  3. Oh my what a stash! You have done so well! Lovely magazines too, so lucky! Thanks so much for playing along.
    Sophie x

  4. What a fantastic stash ... I love going somewhere new for stuff. You never know what you're going to find.


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