Friday, 26 February 2010

Busy Week and Lovely Shopping!

It's been a busy couple of days in my little world! I've been offered a placement at Tatty Devine for work experience, which was the interview I went to on Wednesday in London, and I'm thrilled! I feel very proud that it's something that I aimed for and achieved by myself, it helps me to feel that I'll be okay when this big university thing is over. I had two very lovely purchases whilst on my trip to the big city... This lovely brooch from Lucie-Ellen "made from a reproduction of a vintage image and reclaimed ply wood, cut and finished by hand in a shed in a garden in Suffolk". It's really just so sweet!And I picked up this fabulous book by one of my most favourite artists Mr. Rob Ryan. It is full of beautiful things.
I picked up this book on Tuesday on a very quick trip to the charity shop by my bus stop at uni. It's from the 1950s I think, and is very pretty.
And tonight I picked up these sweet little books from the shop that hosts the Friday night "Stitch and Bitch", from a box of annuals from the 1970s and 80s. The "Twinkle" book is from 1985 which seemed worth rescuing since it's the year that I was born! And the colouring book is just pure kitsch! I had a lovely time with some of my most favourite ladies, and was so chuffed for Natasha as she took her first steps into what will no-doubt become an obsession- learning to knit! I'm going to help her with some fingerless gloves next week, since they are lovely, and would be a pretty good starter project for quick and satisfying results!
This afternoon I have been working on some uni work, I'm starting to embroider the outline of my floral print in purple. I've also been playing with some photo editing software to try out some different colourways that would work with the design - It's not the quickest way for me to do these things when I'm so used to doing everything with pens and paper, but I got some pretty good effects!

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  1. Lucky you, working at Tatty Divine is a fantastic opportunity!! Congratulations!!


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