Friday, 5 February 2010


Today I have been doing a bit of first hand research (whilst shopping!) with my friends Amy and Rachel. We went to have a look in a fantastic shabby chic shop which is a mixture of brand new and gorgeous vintage loveliness. It is three Victorian terrace houses all interconnected, it really is quirky, and so easy to get lost in! We all saw lots of lovely things that we could happily have taken home - Amy was in love with a bureau desk (which had lots of compartments perfect for crochet hooks!) and Rachel was pretty taken with a sweet little milking stool like the one her grandmother has! I was however on the hunt for birdcages, and here's what I found...I didn't buy any, it was purely a research exercise, but they're just so sweet! We were all really taken with the place and I will definitely be popping in there again sometime soon!

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