Saturday, 9 January 2010

My Birthday and Makings!

Yesterday was my birthday, I had a lovely day at home (London trip was cancelled due to snowy weather) watching "Pushing Daisies" and knitting new gloves, and then in the evening my lovely hubby took me for dinner, and surprised me with a little cheesecake with a sparkler on top! It was the sweetest thing! I had lots of lovely gifts from some very kind people....Here's a little selection of my presents...the books and cd were from my lovely in-laws, the dvds and notebook were from my hubby (along with Tate Membership - how fab!!), the zebra was from my sis, and the little book was from my parents...also from my parents and sis, this cheery yellow plant...and this pretty top...and this fab stripey cardi! I have been very spoilt!

I also had some vouchers from my in-laws, for one of my favourite shops, a local independent bookshop called Booka, which I spent today - I got the happy hooker crochet book, and some very sweet little notebooks! I'm extremely touched at how kind and thoughtful everyone has been to me, I feel very fortunate!

Aside from birthday fun, I've been a busy bee! I finished all my squares, and spent most of Thursday tying in all the loose ends and putting it together. It's only half done at the moment because I got distracted yesterday knitting these gloves!

I made them quite long so they are wrist warmers too, they're lovely and warm!

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