Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lots of Makings!

I've been busy with making lots of bits and bobs lately! I've more or less finished my yellow and grey granny square blanket, I just need to go around the outside again. It's really cosy!I made this hat for my lovely panda loving friend Amy, for her 21st birthday. And today I got to uni early so I could make these...
Giant crochet hook, pair of knitting needles and set of four double ended needles, all made from broom handles! I must have been a funny sight wandering through the town with my collection of handles, I'm sure I got several funny looks! I still need to make ends for the plain needles, but they're pretty fab! I've tried out the hook briefly to make sure it worked right but I haven't had time to try the needles yet, I've been busy doing some research for my actual proper uni work!

Here are my granny square efforts for the last two days ... Sunday
and Monday
I haven't done any squares today but I'm hoping to have a moment before I go to bed! It's been a very exciting day, got some very interesting ideas to pursue, so I'm off to carry on with my research!

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