Sunday, 31 January 2010

London Trip!

We had a lovely time in London! Unfortunately hubby spent the day in a meeting, but I spent the whole day wandering around! I mooched down to the British Museum for opening time, and went straight to my favourite section; Egypt! The plan was to get there before the crowds, and it worked, it was almost empty and very quiet, so I was able to take my time looking around, reading the information and admiring the artefacts. As always, I was astounded by the age of some of the pieces, and how well preserved they were. Always one of my highlights of a London trip!
From the museum I went on down to the Contemporary Applied Arts gallery. There's lots of beautiful objects, and very modern; a bit of a contrast from the things I had just seen that are thousands of years old! I enjoyed the special exhibition Domestic Contemporaries, particularly these beautiful pieces from Sian Mattews (image from CAA)

From there I went down to the National Gallery, I had a nice cup of tea, and then went to see my two favourite pieces; Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and Da Vinci's "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist". I sat in front of both for a little while, the gallery wasn't too busy and it was nice to just take a moment to appreciate the atmosphere. (Image from National Gallery Leonardo, The Leonardo Cartoon about 1499-1500 Photo © The National Gallery, London.)

From there, I went down to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the National Portrait Gallery to see Twiggy; a Life in Photographs
(Twiggy by Barry Lategan, 1966 © Barry Lategan from the National Portrait Gallery)

I had a good look around the shops and got some lovely goodies...three notebooks, a knitting book, some chunky yarn, some cute little magnets, and a sleepy monster purse! So cute!

I ended up back in the British Museum (I was running short of time to get to either of the Tate Galleries) and I had a really good look around and (I think) I got around the whole of the ground floor! It's a really fabulous place! I met up again with hubby and we walked back down to National Gallery Cafe for tea and jammy dodgers!

And we had a nice look at the fountain in Trafalgar. It was a really lovely day out!

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