Thursday, 28 January 2010

Knitting Fun!

Tonight was the second night of knitting at uni! We still don't have a name for our little group, but we've almost doubled in numbers this week (from four to seven!). We had lots of fun and giggles, with various cakes, biscuits and tea! We had knitted moustaches (Kate), random made up stitches (Rachel), embroidery (Claire), Kat learning granny square making from Amy, and I was granny squaring, knitting my cowl and helping Sam to purl and cast off! It was lovely fun, and we completely lost track of time!

Here's Kat (left) and Amy, rocking the granny squares! Kat just learnt tonight, and she did a great job, thanks to Amy's expert lesson!

I handed in my dissertation today! All bound and neat, and I'm extremely pleased that it's done.

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  1. i would change "expert" lessons into "EPIC lessons!" haha!!


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