Saturday, 16 January 2010

Granny Squares and Aprons!

I made another three granny squares yesterday, so I'm up to seven now!

I bought a gorgeous polka dot skirt a while ago from a charity shop. It was about five sizes too small for me, but I bought it because I had some ideas for using the fabric in jewellery. However, when I got to uni with the skirt there was uproar that I planned to chop up this gorgeous skirt, so we kicked around some ideas for what to do with it and about 10 minutes ago it ended up as an apron!

Not the best pic, and I've just realised that it needs to be ironed, but I think it's fab nonetheless! I took the belt (in the same fabric) from around the waist, split the back seam and took out the zipper, cut the belt in half and fitted it into the top and re-seamed the two sides. Now that I know how easy it is to do I will never leave behind a skirt that is too small again! It will be aprons galore!!

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  1. great grannies! And what a lovely apron - nice find!


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