Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Granny A Day

I started this last night at Knit and Natter, I think it's going to be big! I picked up some yarn, I got two shades of red, cream, grey and denim blue, I think I'm going to do four rounds of each colour and see how big it gets.
I'm going to start another cowl too, I'm going to make it a bit smaller this time. I'm really enjoying making time for knitting/crochet, I've been making an effort to relax this year, with all the stress at uni I need some other things just to make sure I look after myself properly. My uni work is going well at the moment, I've been doing some aluminium samples today, just trying the stitched birds on metal rather than paper! I think they're quite sweet, but I'm not sure where everything is going just yet!

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