Sunday, 17 January 2010

Flea Market Finds

Joining in with the very first Flea Market Finds hosted by the delightful Sophie Isobel over at Her Library Adventures, here are some of my favourite goodies...Vintage postcards, both French, the floral one is dated 1919 on the front, and the beautiful Eiffel Tower, just a daily reminder of my aspiration to see the world! Also, gorgeous vintage buttons, I just love finding them still on their little cards! (And also note there's one of Sophie's Brooches - I heart to Knit One Purl One- the very first that I bought from her!). These little treasures are all displayed on the fabric board in my bedroom, beautiful things to greet me as I wake up in the morning!
And this is my most recent thrifty purchase - a pretty little teacup (there's a theme emerging today...), which I picked up on Friday for a mere 20p. I had been eyeing the set in the lovely shabby chic second hand shop in my town for a while, and although I couldn't really accommodate a whole set, I absolutely loved the pretty rose pattern, and then, to my delight, a single lonely teacup emerged on the bargain shelf! It is currently waiting for the perfect pair of earrings to hang over the side, but even by itself it is quite lovely!

Head on over to see Sophie's Flea Market Find, it's beautiful!!

And just as a last thought for this evening's blog adventures - a Teacup Candle in action! I'm really pleased, they all came out really well, and it smells just lovely! I'm carrying on with granny squares for the rest of the evening, and the last couple of episodes of "Pushing Daisies", it's the most beautiful little fairy tale, and I just love it!

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  1. Oh Gemma, thanks so much for joining in my new meme, I love all your finds, they are fabulous! And what a beautiful inspiration board to display them all on. So sweet to see my wee brooch there too! Hope you are having a lovely day.
    Sophie x


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