Sunday, 31 January 2010

Beautiful Images!

I've been perusing Flickr this evening, and found some beautiful images that I love and just had to share...
Ode to growing older by Jamie Lea Karoses
by Emma Lamb

by dottie angel

Aren't they just lovely? I'm conscious that I'll be out in the real world very soon so I'm trying to stash away some images I've been accumulating for inspiration!

London Trip!

We had a lovely time in London! Unfortunately hubby spent the day in a meeting, but I spent the whole day wandering around! I mooched down to the British Museum for opening time, and went straight to my favourite section; Egypt! The plan was to get there before the crowds, and it worked, it was almost empty and very quiet, so I was able to take my time looking around, reading the information and admiring the artefacts. As always, I was astounded by the age of some of the pieces, and how well preserved they were. Always one of my highlights of a London trip!
From the museum I went on down to the Contemporary Applied Arts gallery. There's lots of beautiful objects, and very modern; a bit of a contrast from the things I had just seen that are thousands of years old! I enjoyed the special exhibition Domestic Contemporaries, particularly these beautiful pieces from Sian Mattews (image from CAA)

From there I went down to the National Gallery, I had a nice cup of tea, and then went to see my two favourite pieces; Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and Da Vinci's "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist". I sat in front of both for a little while, the gallery wasn't too busy and it was nice to just take a moment to appreciate the atmosphere. (Image from National Gallery Leonardo, The Leonardo Cartoon about 1499-1500 Photo © The National Gallery, London.)

From there, I went down to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the National Portrait Gallery to see Twiggy; a Life in Photographs
(Twiggy by Barry Lategan, 1966 © Barry Lategan from the National Portrait Gallery)

I had a good look around the shops and got some lovely goodies...three notebooks, a knitting book, some chunky yarn, some cute little magnets, and a sleepy monster purse! So cute!

I ended up back in the British Museum (I was running short of time to get to either of the Tate Galleries) and I had a really good look around and (I think) I got around the whole of the ground floor! It's a really fabulous place! I met up again with hubby and we walked back down to National Gallery Cafe for tea and jammy dodgers!

And we had a nice look at the fountain in Trafalgar. It was a really lovely day out!

Flea Market Finds

I'm a little late this week, because I've spent the weekend so far in London! We arrived home very late last night, and slept in a little this morning so here I am with this weeks Flea Market Finds...I've had this little blue cubby for quite a while now, it's very sweet and very useful! I picked it up in a charity shop, and every time I see it in my hallway when I arrive home it makes me smile. The little shell owl is a more recent thrifty find, I just love the kitschyness of shell animals! The Home Sweet Home sign is from Laura Ashley, it's really lovely and I think these little bits and bobs sit nicely together!
For more Flea Market Finds pop on over to see Sophie Isobel

Friday, 29 January 2010

Granny A Day

Today's granny square, this one is another snazzy mixed coloured yarn, it's pretty fancy!

I'm up to 16 squares now, plus I'm working on two big squares!I love being in the flow of granny squares!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Knitting Fun!

Tonight was the second night of knitting at uni! We still don't have a name for our little group, but we've almost doubled in numbers this week (from four to seven!). We had lots of fun and giggles, with various cakes, biscuits and tea! We had knitted moustaches (Kate), random made up stitches (Rachel), embroidery (Claire), Kat learning granny square making from Amy, and I was granny squaring, knitting my cowl and helping Sam to purl and cast off! It was lovely fun, and we completely lost track of time!

Here's Kat (left) and Amy, rocking the granny squares! Kat just learnt tonight, and she did a great job, thanks to Amy's expert lesson!

I handed in my dissertation today! All bound and neat, and I'm extremely pleased that it's done.

My Creative Space

It's lovely to be officially back on My Creative Space! I posted last week, mostly because I was so excited about what I was up to! This week I am still working on little birds, got some sweet little sample pieces in the making, and it's lovely to be working and inspired! So my space, and some close ups of the things I'm working on, including this wonky little sewn birdcage!
For the first creative space of 2010, head on over to see Kirsty at kootoyoo!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Granny A Day

I started this last night at Knit and Natter, I think it's going to be big! I picked up some yarn, I got two shades of red, cream, grey and denim blue, I think I'm going to do four rounds of each colour and see how big it gets.
I'm going to start another cowl too, I'm going to make it a bit smaller this time. I'm really enjoying making time for knitting/crochet, I've been making an effort to relax this year, with all the stress at uni I need some other things just to make sure I look after myself properly. My uni work is going well at the moment, I've been doing some aluminium samples today, just trying the stitched birds on metal rather than paper! I think they're quite sweet, but I'm not sure where everything is going just yet!

Monday, 25 January 2010

New Stuff for Sale!

I put some new goodies in my shop yesterday, some vintage floral fabric wraps and some silver bangles...

The wraps come with either paint brushes or make-up brushes. I love the fabric, it's so pretty! I'll be putting some other new things up soon, including lovely felt ball brooches.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Flea Market Finds and Granny a Day

I found this sweet little pincushion yesterday, I'm not sure where it's going to live yet, but I couldn't resist, it's too cute!!
For more Flea Market Finds pop on over to see Sophie Isobel at Her Library Adventures! So far there's knitting needles, suitcases, eggcups and beautiful fabric.
My granny square efforts picked up a little yesterday with these -
The yarn is very snazzy! I adopted it from the stash at Knit and Natter on Monday, and spent quite a while untangling it! I have a little left, so I might do the centre of the next square with it.
Join in with granny a day at Meet Me at Mikes and see the granny's made so far here!

I also adopted this yarn from lovely Amy! I had seen it before but wasn't sure about the thickness, so Amy gave me the end of the ball to try out. It's lovely, so I will be picking some up when I have another project! I finished my cowl last night, it's lovely! I'll be posting some photos later, but for now I have to finish my dissertation - 1200 words to go!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shopping List Saturday

Inspired by our lovely day of cupcakes, tea, wool, polka dots and pink!!
For more beautiful shopping lists head on over to fancypicnic!

It's been a lovely day, I've been making granny squares and knitting. Tomorrow I need to do some actual work, but just for today I'm enjoying a relaxing quiet day.

Lovely Saturday!

It's been a lovely day today, which included shopping, knitting, and tea and cupcakes in our favourite bookshop/cafe Booka!The polka dot crockery is lovely, and the cupcakes are just delicious! Hubby had carrot cake which he thoroughly enjoyed! It's a lovely place, it would be a very nice place to read, or write or just watch the world go by. I did a little bit of shopping, got some lovely yarn for my next two cowls, and some very fancy bamboo circular needles. I've nearly finished my white cowl, it's looking so warm and nice. The House Beautiful magazine was from a charity shop, there's some interesting stuff in there.
I'll be back later with my Shopping List, and tomorrow there's my Flea Market Find of the week!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Working hard...

I've been working on some designs at uni today, using some wallpaper from a samples book. I think they're quite sweet, not sure how they fit into my work yet but I'm inspired which is always good!I grabbed this nice big space to work in! Here's close ups of my birds and a selection of some of the lovely wallpapers that I've been playing with.
Last night was the first knitting group at uni! We don't have a name for it yet, but we will soon have a blog and flickr group, which will contain some pics of all the crazy stuff we've been up to! I tried out my broom handle crochet hook for the first time for my Granny of the Day! It's not finished yet, I want to make it gigantic! I picked 2 balls of yarn, one grey, one pink, and used them both at the same time to get a good thickness. it's so chunky and soft! I also got a lesson in knitting on circular needles, which I'm really enjoying! I'm making a chunky tube cowl, using lovely white yarn. I hope to have it finished over the weekend so I can wear it! I'm trying to remember to relax this term, it's already feeling a little stressful, and so I need little projects that are just for me, without having to worry about them being assessed!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lots of Makings!

I've been busy with making lots of bits and bobs lately! I've more or less finished my yellow and grey granny square blanket, I just need to go around the outside again. It's really cosy!I made this hat for my lovely panda loving friend Amy, for her 21st birthday. And today I got to uni early so I could make these...
Giant crochet hook, pair of knitting needles and set of four double ended needles, all made from broom handles! I must have been a funny sight wandering through the town with my collection of handles, I'm sure I got several funny looks! I still need to make ends for the plain needles, but they're pretty fab! I've tried out the hook briefly to make sure it worked right but I haven't had time to try the needles yet, I've been busy doing some research for my actual proper uni work!

Here are my granny square efforts for the last two days ... Sunday
and Monday
I haven't done any squares today but I'm hoping to have a moment before I go to bed! It's been a very exciting day, got some very interesting ideas to pursue, so I'm off to carry on with my research!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Flea Market Finds

Joining in with the very first Flea Market Finds hosted by the delightful Sophie Isobel over at Her Library Adventures, here are some of my favourite goodies...Vintage postcards, both French, the floral one is dated 1919 on the front, and the beautiful Eiffel Tower, just a daily reminder of my aspiration to see the world! Also, gorgeous vintage buttons, I just love finding them still on their little cards! (And also note there's one of Sophie's Brooches - I heart to Knit One Purl One- the very first that I bought from her!). These little treasures are all displayed on the fabric board in my bedroom, beautiful things to greet me as I wake up in the morning!
And this is my most recent thrifty purchase - a pretty little teacup (there's a theme emerging today...), which I picked up on Friday for a mere 20p. I had been eyeing the set in the lovely shabby chic second hand shop in my town for a while, and although I couldn't really accommodate a whole set, I absolutely loved the pretty rose pattern, and then, to my delight, a single lonely teacup emerged on the bargain shelf! It is currently waiting for the perfect pair of earrings to hang over the side, but even by itself it is quite lovely!

Head on over to see Sophie's Flea Market Find, it's beautiful!!

And just as a last thought for this evening's blog adventures - a Teacup Candle in action! I'm really pleased, they all came out really well, and it smells just lovely! I'm carrying on with granny squares for the rest of the evening, and the last couple of episodes of "Pushing Daisies", it's the most beautiful little fairy tale, and I just love it!

Candle Making!

So here they are...
The candles that I made! They're setting at the moment, and I can't wait to try them out!

I got sent this picture yesterday, with the message "Saw this photo and thought of you!!! Could be a project to try, knitting on giant scale" and I had to share it, isn't it fantastic! I really think I need some giant wool!